Founders Brewing cans a top-selling beer


Founders Brewing Co.’s Centennial IPA can. Photo via

Founders Brewing Co. is planning to can one of its top-selling brews.

The brewery recently launched 12 packs of its top-selling All Day IPA, and it will now move on to its Centennial IPA.

The beer is expected to hit the shelves in early 2014, according to Founders’ website.

Before the creation of All Day IPA, 4.7 percent alcohol by volume, Centennial IPA, 7.2 percent ABV, was a long-time top seller.

“We have designed the packaging and are in the process of determining what this new package will require from us in terms of production capacity,” writes Founders’ Communications Manager Sarah Aldrich.

The capacity consideration will become key, as during the company’s recent expansion process, it delayed the release of the All Day IPA cans.

Founders plans to share more details, including a launch timeline, later this year.

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