Founders Brewing heats up next Backstage Series beer


Mango Magnifico by Founders Brewing Co. is brewed with mango and “a touch of Michigan-grown habaneros” and has an ABV of 10 percent. Photo via

The seventh beer in Founders Brewing Co.’s Backstage Series is set for release.

The beer, Mango Magnifico con Calor — or Magnificent Mango with Heat — will be released in August in 750 mL bottles.

The beer is brewed with mango and “a touch of habanero” and will reach 10 percent alcohol by volume.

Founders said the combination of fruit and heat is intended to create a “refreshing drink for the warm summer months."

“Mango Magnifico, like the entire Backstage Series, is intended to push the boundaries of what is commonly accepted in beer styles,” said Founders Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education Dave Engbers. "The Backstage Series is the perfect conduit to showcase our brewing team's creativity.”

The Backstage Series has taken craft beer fans to the extreme since 2011, with the likes of Blushing Monk, Canadian Breakfast Stout, Curmudgeon’s Better Half, Frangelic Mountain Brown, Bolt Cutter and Doom.

Founders has brewed other fruit beers, such as Blushing Monk, Cerise and Rubaeus.

Mango Magnifico will be released to Founders' distribution footprint on August 5, with availability in the taproom the week prior.

One more Backstage Series beer is expected in 2013. 

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