Founders Brewing releases raspberry-flavored beer for summer


Founders Brewing Co. Rübæus has made several lists as a top summer beer. Photo courtesy Founders

An old friend is back from Founders Brewing Co. and getting a lot of attention.

Although it’s less-heralded than many of the brewery’s other beers, Rübæus makes its first appearance since 2008 this month as a replacement specialty release for Cerise.

Cerise had to be put to bed this year because of a low cherry crop in 2012, according to the Founders 2013 release schedule in December 2012.

It’s hard to say goodbye to Cerise,” the release said. “On the other hand, Rübæus is a beautiful beer and is one that we’ve been asked to bring back year after year since we retired it.”

But Rübæus, a raspberry beer, brings a sweet and tart balance to the summer picnic with a 5.7 percent alcohol by volume. Fresh raspberries were added in multiple stages of the beer’s fermentation.

The beer will be available in four-packs across Founders’ distribution footprint in July and August.

But before this month even kicked off, several blogs had picked up the beer as must-have summer treat. included it on its “6 craft beers for summer drinking” and added: “As with many limited-release beers from the standout Michigan brewery, you may have trouble finding this one. This is Founders’ answer to over-sweet, over-lemony summer ales and shandy. Fresh raspberries are added at multiple stages during fermentation. I still found this one quite sweet, but it’s also refreshing. 15 IBUs, 5.7 percent ABV.”

Paste Magazine said it’s a perfect beer to convince people who don’t like beer that they actually do: “Rübæus will serve that purpose as well. Bring it to a 4th of July picnic and convert the wine drinkers. It’s even effervescent enough to replace your soda.”

Alpha Male of the Group, a blog on men, included it on its “12 Best Beach Beers.”

Food Republic added Rübæus to its “25 Great Hot-Weather Beers to Drink All Summer Long: An epic list of summertime beers to beat the heat.” Food Republic also included Bell’s Brewery’s Oberon.

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