Franchisee opens next Culver’s


Culver’s restaurants feature the fast-food chain’s “signature” ButterBurgers and frozen custard, as well as Wisconsin cheese curds and crinkle-cut fries. Photo via

The man who first introduced Michigan to Culver’s is now opening the first Culver’s between the Grand Rapids area and Kalamazoo.

Robert Flintrop, who said he opened the state’s first-ever Culver’s in Kalamazoo in November of 2000, said last week that him and his partner, Chris Stoughton, plan to open a new location of the fast-food restaurant chain off the highway in Ostego, at 1316 M-89.

Flintrop said he anticipates starting construction on the restaurant at the end of March or early April and opening in July.

Flintrop owns RCL Holdings and runs a Portage-based Culver’s and two Kalamazoo-based locations.


Flintrop said the restaurant will hire about 50-60 workers.

The space

The plans for the vacant site were recently approved by the Otsego Township board.

The restaurant will be about 4,000 square feet and seat about 100 people, about 20 more than a typical Culver’s.


Architectural Concepts is serving as the project’s designer.

Visser Brothers in Grand Rapids is serving as the project’s contractor.

Local fit

Flintrop said Ostego is a perfect fit for the Culver’s style.

The town “fits our demographics of being a family styled restaurant,” Flintrop said.

“I think it’s just a good choice being up in the Ostego area,” he said. “There’s not many style restaurants like that up there.

“We’re just really excited to be there. There are just a lot of family values, and I think we’ll be a good fit for the community. We’re always part of the community in terms of doing fundraisers and events.”

Flintrop added that although he doesn’t have any other plans nailed down right now, he’s always actively looking to grow in Michigan.

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