Furniture maker creates portable charging station


The tabletop EnerGEE! rechargeable battery unit converts tables by Interior Concepts into charging stations. Photo via

A furniture maker has developed a rechargeable battery unit that converts its tables into charging stations that can be positioned anywhere in a room.

Recharging station

Interior Concepts Corporation in Spring Lake said yesterday that it has launched its EnerGEE! unit.

The tabletop EnerGEE! unit features a “long-lasting” battery that allows USB-charged devices, like smartphones or tablets, to remain charged for hours without being connected to building power.

Users can wheel a table equipped with EnerGEE! where it’s needed and create a charging station that will power devices all day long.

The unit can charge seven to 10 smartphones or five tablets from empty to full on a single charge. It features a fuel gauge and four USB 2.0 charging ports.

At the end of the day, users can wheel the table to the wall-mounted charger, and in the morning, the unit will be fully powered to recharge devices.

Battery type

The product features a lithium iron phosphate battery.

Interior Concepts said the battery is rated for thousands of recharges without losing capacity.

The battery can also be replaced without replacing the entire unit.

Interior Concepts

Interior Concepts designs, makes and installs furniture for corporate and K-12 environments.

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