Furniture maker relocates outlet store


Haworth operates its Office Furniture Outlet, an 8,000-square-foot space with a range of discounted pieces, near its Holland headquarters. Courtesy Haworth

At a local office furniture maker, what goes around comes back around — and that’s a good deal for bargain-hunting shoppers.

Holland-based Haworth just re-opened its Office Furniture Outlet store at a new location, in the one-time LifeSavers candy plant on East 48th Street, about a quarter mile from Haworth headquarters. It had been closed for several months during the relocation.

"Showroom quality"

The 8,000-square-foot space contains “a little bit of everything,” said Haworth spokesperson Julie Smith.

Much of it comes from Haworth showrooms around the world, and it is rife with seating products.

The pieces that were in showrooms have never been used, but are outmoded due to new product introductions.

There are also pieces used in special mock-ups created for specific customers.

“While still very nice — because it needs to be showroom quality for us — it’s furniture we won’t use in the showrooms anymore,” Smith said. “Obviously, we’re not going to just throw that out.”


“There are definitely hundreds of pieces in there, and it’s everything from table tops, with and without legs on them, to some very iconic Haworth Collection furniture. There’s always a lot of chairs in there,” Smith said, ranging from stackable chairs to Haworth’s high-end LC4 brand lounge seating.

An ergonomic office chair might be had for as little as $100 and up — which could be a few hundred dollars below list price.

“Seating always seems to be a popular piece that’s in there,” Smith said.

Some of the furniture is being recycled from Haworth’s own office areas and other facilities.

A few years ago, Haworth renovated part of a plant and removed employee lockers that ended up in the outlet store, which has been part of the company business for at least 30 years.

Smith said the sturdy lockers were in good shape and “cool” and sold for $10 or $20.

“I’m a frequent shopper over there as well,” Smith said.

The Haworth Office Furniture Outlet is open to the general public, as well as Haworth employees and is open Monday through Friday.

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