Gaming studio extends reach


Protégé Game Studio produces courses at its offices in Lowell and Zeeland. Photo via

A gaming studio focused on education has added a second West Michigan office.

Lowell-based Protégé Game Studios said last month that it has opened an office in Zeeland.

The space

Protégé’s Zeeland space is a 1,200-square-foot studio, at 8485 Homestead Dr.

The space is rented from Innovative education Services, which is the parent company of two academy schools within the same building: Innocademy and iCademy Global.

The location is a former office of Haworth.


The space offers immersive courses for the neighbor academies’ students to learn game development, giving the students hands-on experieince in programming, graphics, sound, design and project management.

This semester’s students are building various mobile game apps for Android and iOS smartphones.

Protégé’s Zeeland location employs one part-time facilitator who runs the courses.

The staff member will also run an upcoming Minecraft Modification bootcamp to be run with Zipper Labs this summer.


Protégé Game Studios is a creative technology education company for kids, teenagers and young adults.

The company develops gaming-based learning programs and tools, commercial products and a membership program that "trains future employees for both Protégé and outside companies."

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