Gordon Food Service to celebrate one year in new headquarters


Gordon Food Service's headquarters is a $40-million, 386,000-square-foot facility on Gezon Parkway SW in Wyoming. Courtesy Dan Vos Construction

It’s been nearly a year since Gordon Food Service opened its new headquarters at 1300 Gezon Parkway SW in Wyoming, and Wyoming City Manager Curtis Holt said the company is impacting the city daily with its investments and its employment of residents.

“We are glad they are here,” Holt said.

Gordon Food Service has been an important part of the Wyoming landscape since the company relocated its headquarters there from Grand Rapids in 1962. However, prior to breaking ground on the Gezon Parkway location in 2011, it looked as if the company might leave the area for Ontario.

Instead, the company dug in deeper, building the $40 million, 386,000-square-foot facility and relocating more than 1,000 employees to the new headquarters.

It also committed to hiring another 173 employees at the location over a five-year period.

“GFS has been a major player in Wyoming for years,” Holt said. “They are great corporate partners with the city and work hand in hand with the city on all projects. They are home grown and have made tremendous investments in Wyoming in not only facilities but people.”

The city of Wyoming granted GFS a 12-year Industrial Facilities Tax Abatement for real and personal property to help keep the company in the neighborhood.

“The project total was $59 million and the estimated first-year tax savings from the abatement was $935,895,” Holt said.

He did not know how many of the 173 jobs had been filled in the first year of the five-year hiring period.

The importance of the company’s presence in Wyoming is particularly underscored by the depleted tax base, eroded as some of the city’s largest businesses, including General Motors, closed up shop during the recession.

Holt noted that Gordon Food Service owns large tracts of property in the city, has made tremendous investments there and is one of its top 10 taxpayers. 

The food production industry remains healthy in Wyoming, according to Holt, who noted that in addition to GFS, the city is home to Keebler, Michigan Turkey Producers and others.

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