City pours $12.7 million into road construction, sidewalk improvements

The city commission recently approved a road construction plan for July through June 2021 that includes another 30 miles of street improvements this year. Courtesy city of Grand Rapids

The city of Grand Rapids is beginning its seventh season of ramped-up road construction.

The city commission recently approved a road construction plan for July through June 2021 that includes another 30 miles of street improvements this year. This will bring the total miles of streets improved over the past six years to 457.

The $10.5 million investment is spread out over 59 locations across the city. The city also plans $2.2 million in various sidewalk repair and construction projects across all three wards this year.

Below is a partial list of 2020 road construction projects with no start dates set to date. Street projects may be carried over to the next construction season. The full project map is available online. Other projects may be added.


  • Auburn Ave. NE – Sweet to north end and Palmer, Dale and Drexel
  • Bates St. SE – Union to Eastern
  • Benjamin Ave. NE – Bradford to Cedar
  • Bradford St. NE – Plymouth to Perkins and Perkins – Bradford to Mason
  • Capen St. NE – Eastern to Houseman
  • Cass Ave. SE – Delaware to Franklin
  • Chatham St. NW – Indiana to Straight
  • Chester St. SE – Diamond to Carroll
  • Corrine St. SW – Buchanan to Division
  • Crescent St. NE – Grand to Fuller
  • Davis Ave. NW – Seventh to Eleventh
  • Dunham St. SE – Eastern to Fuller
  • Eastern Ave. SE – Ardmore to Oakdale
  • Eastern Ave. NE – Fountain to Crescent
  • Eastern Ave. SE – Hall to Franklin
  • Elliott St. SE – Thelma to Nelson
  • Hake Road NE – Eastern to Diamond
  • Hall St. SE – Division to Jefferson
  • Hall St. SE – Plymouth to east city limits
  • Henry Ave. SE – Franklin to Sherman
  • High St. SW – Grandville to Century
  • Holland Ave. NE – Fulton to Fountain
  • Houseman Ave. NE – Grand Rapids/Eastern railroad to Hake
  • Innes St. NE – Diamond to Fuller
  • Jennette Ave. NW – Seventh to Ninth and 11th to 12th
  • John Ball Park Drive SW – Butterworth to Park
  • Kalamazoo Ave. SE – Hall to Alexander
  • Madison Ave. SE – 28th to Burton
  • Market Ave. SW – Westbound I-196 on-ramp to 200 feet west of Plaster Creek and Coit to Wealthy
  • Mason St. NE – Fuller to Ball
  • Meerse St. SE – Division to east end
  • Merritt St. SE – Eastern to Blaine
  • North Ave. NE – Shirley to Walnut
  • Paris Ave. SE – Alger to Ardmore
  • Pine Ave. NW – 12th to Leonard
  • Prospect Ave. NE – Lyon to Michigan
  • Race St. NE – Diamond to Fuller
  • Stocking Ave. NW – Bridge to Second
  • Third St. NW – Pine to Fremont
  • Virginia St. SE – Eureka to Diamond
  • Walker Ave. NW – Stocking to Leonard
  • Walnut St. NE – North to Union

The city has completed preventative maintenance and reconstruction on 427 miles of streets since 2014 as part of itsΒ Vital Streets initiative. As a result, Grand Rapids has gone from 37% of streets in good or fair condition to 61%. In addition, the city has inspected and repaired roughly 30% of the 890-mile sidewalk network.

This summer, the city also will invest $450,000 in the installation of sidewalks on Plainfield Avenue NE from I-96 to the city limits at Salerno. The total Vital Streets investment is $909,391.

Other investments include:

  • $250,000 for American Disabilities Act-compliant ramp improvements on sidewalks across the city
  • $580,000 to address miscellaneous sidewalk repairs and requests
  • Systematic sidewalk inspection and repairs totaling $900,000 β€” $300,000 in each ward β€” as part of an effort to upgrade complete neighborhoods and improve the existing sidewalk network.Β Current conditions of sidewalks will dictate how many miles can be inspected and repaired in each ward.

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