Kent County approves FY2022 budget

Mandy Bolter. Courtesy Kent County

Kent County recently adopted its budget for fiscal year 2022.

The county’s board of commissioners on Thursday, Nov. 18, voted unanimously to adopt its $527 million, FY2022 budget.

The budget includes $454.8 million for operating expenses, $16.7 million of which is directed toward capital improvements. All three major national bond rating agencies backed the budget by reaffirming the county’s AAA bond rating. The county’s budget follows its strategic plan to ensure investments support the community’s most prominent short- and long-term needs.

“This budget reflects the stability and perseverance of our community,” said Mandy Bolter, chair of the Kent County Board of Commissioners. “Due to our strong fiscal policies, we are able to fund critical services like public safety, parks and social services while continuing to meet the challenges of this pandemic.”

Budget parameters were established by the finance and physical resources committee on May 18. After adopting the budget guidelines, the following months included meetings between the fiscal services department, department directors and elected officials. The board of commissioners then held two work sessions to review the proposed budget, and a public hearing was held on Nov. 4, concluding the process.

“I appreciate the hard work of our department directors and countywide elected officials to contain costs and develop a balanced budget,” Bolter said.

American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act funding is not included in the FY2022 budget, and the board plans to adopt a separate plan for these funds.

An overview of Kent County’s overall operating expenditures:

  • Community and economic development ($12.5 million)
  • General government and debt ($93 million)
  • Judicial ($52.3 million)
  • Recreation and culture ($24.9 million)
  • Social services ($113.7 million)
  • Public safety ($99.8 million)
  • Public works ($58.6 million)

The complete budget outline is online.

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