Grand Rapids’ Blue Bridge closes for summer


Grand Rapids’ Blue Bridge connects GVSU’s Eberhard Campus with Campau Square Avenue. Photo via

The colorful and popular Blue Bridge, officially known as the Grand Rapids and Indiana Railroad Bridge, will close Monday for the summer.

The Gillette Bridge to the north and the one on Fulton Street to the south will remain open, as will the aptly named Bridge Street Bridge.

All three bridges can be used as alternative crossings.

The Blue Bridge is closing because the Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority is renovating the structure, which links the GVSU Eberhard Campus with Campau Square Avenue.

The project is expected to be completed by the time ArtPrize gets underway in September.

The renovation work involves re-painting the bridge blue, adding decorative lighting and re-building portions of the walking deck.

The cost of the project comes to $1.3 million. Slightly more than $600,000 of the total is coming from a federal transportation enhancement grant, while the DDA has allocated nearly $717,000 to it.

Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber did the design and engineering work for the project. 

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