Grand Rapids is 10th best city to ‘start a career’


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Grand Rapids is considered one of the best cities in the nation to “start a career.”

The city ranks No. 10 in the 2018 ranking of the “Best & Worst Places to Start a Career,” which was posted today by WalletHub.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, compared the 182 most-populated U.S. cities to determine the ranking.

The organization compared 27 key indicators of career-friendliness, such as availability of entry-level jobs, monthly average starting salary and housing affordability.

Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for job-market entrants.

Each city’s weighted average across all metrics determined its overall score.

Grand Rapids’ overall score is 57.13, while its “professional opportunities” rank is No. 8 and its quality of life rank is No. 37.

In contrast, Salt Lake City, which ranks No. 1 overall, has an overall score of 67.83, ranks No. 3 for professional opportunities and ranks No. 1 for quality of life.

Santa Clarita, California, which ranks last or No. 182, has an overall score of 34.08, ranks No. 181 for professional opportunities and ranks No. 169 for quality of life.

Top 10 cities to “start a career”

1.   Salt Lake City
2.   Orlando, Florida
3.   Atlanta
4.   Charleston, South Carolina
5.   Tempe, Arizona
6.   Austin, Texas
7.   Columbia, South Carolina
8.   Denver
9.   Raleigh, North Carolina
10. Grand Rapids

Bottom 10 cities to “start a career”

173. Detroit
174. North Las Vegas, Nevada
175. Jackson, Mississippi
176. Newport News, Virginia
177. Montgomery, Alabama
178. Newark, New Jersey
179. Hialeah, Florida
180. Oxnard, California
181. Shreveport, Louisiana
182. Santa Clarita, California

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