Grand Rapids is the 67th ‘healthiest’ city in US


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Grand Rapids stands in the 67th spot in a ranking of the country’s “healthiest” cities.

Grand Rapids is in the top half of the “Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America” ranking by WalletHub, a personal finance website.

To calculate the ranking, WalletHub compared the 174 largest U.S. cities across 42 key metrics, such as cost of a medical visit, fruit and vegetable consumption and fitness clubs per capita.

The metrics were used to rank cities in four categories, which were then used to assign single scores to the cities.

Grand Rapids’ rankings

Health care: No. 20
Food: No. 88
Fitness: No. 116
Green space: No. 59

“Healthiest” cities

1.   San Francisco
2.   Seattle
3.   San Diego
4.   Portland, Oregon
5.   Washington, D.C.
6.   New York City
7.   Denver
8.   Honolulu
9.   Scottsdale, Arizona
10. Irvine, California

“Unhealthiest” cities

165. Montgomery, Alabama
166. Detroit
167. Memphis, Tennessee
168. Augusta, Georgia
169. Fort Smith, Arkansas
170. Huntington, West Virginia
171. Shreveport, Louisiana
172. Gulfport, Mississippi
173. Laredo, Texas
174. Brownsville, Texas

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