Grand Rapids ranks 75th for ethnic diversity among ‘mid-size’ cities

A view of Grand Rapids' skyline from the West Side. Courtesy Experience Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids has landed in the 75th spot in a ranking of “mid-size” cities' ethnic diversity.

Personal finance website WalletHub published its 2019 ranking of the “Most Ethnically Diverse Cities in the U.S.” this week.

The ranking compares 501 of the largest U.S. cities across three key indicators of ethnic diversity: ethnicity and race; language; and birthplace.

Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the most ethnic diversity. The cities were then ranked by weighted averages across all metrics.

Cities were graded by amount of diversity in the city proper and not the surrounding metro area.

Ten or fewer cities from each state were included in the sample and categorized by population sizes. A large city was defined as one with more than 300,000 people, a mid-size city has 100,000-300,000 people and a small city has 100,000 or fewer residents.

The full ranking is online.

Michigan cities


61. Detroit


64.   Ann Arbor
71.   Lansing
75.   Grand Rapids
97.   Sterling Heights
104. Warren


128. Dearborn
158. Flint
174. Westland
262. Livonia

Top 10 large 

1.   New York
2.   Oakland, California
3.   San Jose, California
4.   San Francisco
5.   Sacramento, California
6.   San Diego
7.   Boston
8.   Los Angeles
9.   Long Beach, California
10. Houston

Top 10 mid-size

1.   Jersey City, New Jersey
2.   Spring Valley, Nevada
3.   Kent, Washington
4.   Providence, Rhode Island
5.   Bridgeport, Connecticut
6.   Enterprise, Nevada
7.   North Las Vegas, Nevada
8.   Paradise, Nevada
9.   Orlando, Florida
10. Stamford, Connecticut

Top 10 small

1.   Gaithersburg, Maryland
2.   Germantown, Maryland
3.   Silver Spring, Maryland
4.   Rockville, Maryland
5.   Renton, Washington
6.   Lynn, Massachusetts
7.   Federal Way, Washington
8.   Clifton, New Jersey
9.   New Britain, Connecticut
10. Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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