Grand Rapids ranks among ‘fittest’ cities in US


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Grand Rapidians are among the most-fit people in the country — according to their Fitbits.

Fitbit, a maker of fitness-tracking wearables and software, said today it has identified the “fittest” cities and countries through an internal study.

The company has sold more than 65-million wearables, with more than 50-million users registered across the globe. For the study, San Francisco-based Fitbit said it looked at data from 20-million users.

Grand Rapids ranks No. 18 in the company's ranking of the “fittest cities” in the U.S., which is topped by Duluth, Minnesota. New Hudson in Oakland County ranks No. 29.

Fitbit researchers considered user data such as sleep duration, move-goals met, daily steps, daily active minutes and resting heart rate.

“We are more than just hardware,” Fitbit VP of Research Shelten Yuen said. “Our software and services offerings help inspire, coach and guide users to reach their goals in more personalized and powerful ways.”

The study also includes a ranking of the “fittest” countries, which ranks the U.S. at No. 28.

U.S. users average 7,556 steps a day.

Top 20 “fittest” U.S. cities

1.   Duluth, Minnesota
2.   Appleton, Wisconsin
3.   Eau Claire, Wisconsin
4.   Boulder, Colorado
5.   Bellingham, Washington
6.   Madison, Wisconsin
7.   Billings, Montana
8.   Rochester, Minnesota
9.   Spokane, Washington
10. Eugene, Oregon
11. Green Bay, Wisconsin
12. Denver
13. Portland, Oregon
14. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
15. Lincoln, Nebraska
16. Syracuse, New York
17. Rochester, New York
18. Grand Rapids
19. Janesville, Wisconsin
20. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Top 10 “fittest” countries

1.   Ireland
2.   United Kingdom
3.   Sweden
4.   Netherlands
5.   Switzerland
6.   Denmark
7.   Spain
8.   Finland
9.   Germany
10. New Zealand
28. United States

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