Grand Rapids ranks as No. 3 city for ‘beer lovers’ in US


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A beer is not hard to find in metro Grand Rapids, according to a new study.

A study released this week by analytics firm Infogroup found Grand Rapids to be the third-best city for “beer lovers,” behind Denver and Portland, Oregon, which also was named the top city for “wine lovers.”

Infogroup looked at more than 15 million verified business database records to see which metro areas of more than 1 million people have the most breweries, beer retailers, wineries and wine retailers.

The rankings are based on concentration per 10,000 residents.

"Through data analysis, we are able to highlight cities where industry penetration of beer and wine plays a major role in the social and cultural aspects of consumer's lives," Infogroup Chief Data Officer Matt Graves said.

"This analysis provides the best foundation for marketers and business owners looking to begin a career or start a business in the beer or wine industries. Knowing where demand is greater and how it impacts consumers allows them to start a business under thriving conditions."

"Lifestyle" differences

Infogroup also broke down the "lifestyle" differences between beer cities and wine cities.

Beer cities have a higher percentage of homeowners and married households, as well as families with children. Beer city populations also are more likely to own pets and eat at family restaurants.

Wine cities have higher average incomes, home values and more college graduates.

Beer cities also prefer country music concerts, while wine cities enjoy live theater and classical music concerts, according to the Infogroup study.

"These insights present significant opportunities for breweries, wineries and retailers who are looking to reach consumers effectively," Infogroup Chairman and CEO Mike Iaccarino said.

"We hope businesses capitalize on the lifestyle information and get to know their audience at a greater level, also taking into account the correlation between beer and wine cities for planning and targeting purposes."

Top beer cities

1.   Portland, Oregon
2.   Denver
3.   Grand Rapids
4.   Seattle
5.   Detroit
6.   Raleigh, North Carolina
7.   San Diego
8.   Cincinnati
9.   Milwaukee
10. Pittsburgh

Top wine cities

1.   Portland, Oregon
2.   San Francisco
3.   Seattle
4.   Sacramento, California
5.   Rochester, New York
6.   San Jose, California
7.   New York
8.   Washington D.C.
9.   Hartford, Connecticut
10. Cincinnati 

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