Grand Rapids ranks as third most-affordable city for singles


Grand Rapids ranks as one the most-affordable cities in the U.S. for singles in a study by Photo via

In some major cities, being single can burn a hole in your wallet, but not in Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids ranks as one of the “15 Most-Affordable Cities for Singles” in the U.S., according to a ranking released last week by the personal finance website

The website also released its ranking of the “15 Most-Expensive Cities for Singles” in the U.S.

The rankings are based on a study of several factors that affect single person’s budget: clothing; dates; gym memberships; and rent per square foot.

"Movies and TV shows glamorize being single in a big city, but the unspoken factor is how incredibly expensive it can be," said Casey Bond, editor-in-chief, "Costs run especially high in major cities like New York, Washington and San Francisco, where the cost of being fit and looking fashionable to attract a significant other are higher than most other parts of the country."

City insights

The study says, for instance, the cost of rent per square foot in Grand Rapids is 73 cents, which is “not bad for being just 30 miles from Lake Michigan.”

Reno, Nev. is the best city for women to find a man, while men would have the easiest time finding a woman in Tucson, Ariz.

The average cost for a monthly gym membership in New York is $90 a month.

The priciest date nights are in Washington, D.C.: at $166 for a night of dinner, bottle of wine, two movie tickets and a 10-mile taxi ride.

“15 Most-Affordable Cities for Singles”

1.   Reno, Nev.
2.   Tucson, Ariz.
3.   Grand Rapids
4.   Tacoma, Wash.
5.   Indianapolis
6.   Mesa, Ariz.
7.   Little Rock, Ark.
8.   Albuquerque, N.M.
9.   Huntsville, Ala.
10. Memphis, Tenn.
11. St. Louis
12. Jackson, Miss.
13. Stockton, Calif.
14. Omaha, Neb.
15. Chattanooga, Tenn.

“15 Most-Expensive Cities for Singles”

1.   San Francisco
2.   New York
3.   Washington, D.C.
4.   Honolulu
5.   Boston
6.   Fremont, Calif.
7.   Glendale, Calif.
8.   Anchorage, Alaska
9.   Miami
10. Seattle
11. Irvine, Calif.
12. Los Angeles
13. San Diego
14. Oakland, Calif.
15. Madison, Wis. 

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