Grocer’s Daughter sweetens Downtown Market


Grocer’s Daughter co-owner D.C. Hayden makes fudgesicles. Photo via

Artisan chocolatier Grocer’s Daughter is expanding from its location in Empire to become a tenant in the indoor Market Hall at Downtown Market.

A maker of handmade chocolates and hand-dipped truffles, Grocer’s Daughter is said to be one of the top-five chocolatiers in the country.


The company sources its entire cacao from sustainably grown and fairly traded producers in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru.

Its additional flavors are all natural and incorporate many locally grown and value-added ingredients, including herbs, fruits and spirits. 


Jody Dotson and D.C. Hayden currently own Grocer's Daughter, which they purchased from original owner Mimi Wheeler, who founded it in 2004.

Dotson and Hayden are Michigan natives, entrepreneurs and food advocates who believe in the relationship between consumers and local farmers and how chocolate can play a role in building Michigan’s regional food network.

“Fine chocolate is like fine wine. The hands of the artisan and farmers and the careful stewardship of the land is critical to the final product the consumer tastes,” said Dotson. “The Downtown Market will give us access to the broader West Michigan food network, and we look forward to partnering with the growers and producers who make this region great.”

The Market Hall is scheduled to open this August.

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