Grocery chain replacing private-label line

Grocery chain replacing private-label line

Courtesy SpartanNash

A local grocery chain is introducing a brand to its Michigan markets that will replace its primary private-label product line.

Byron Center-based SpartanNash said yesterday it is in the process of phasing out all products carried under the Spartan brand and replacing them with the Our Family private-label brand.

“The Our Family brand encompasses the same products we previously carried under the Spartan brand but with a new name,” said Larry Pierce, EVP of merchandising and marketing, SpartanNash.

Strategic plan

Dave Staples, SpartanNash president and CEO, said the company’s private-label products give it a “true competitive advantage” in the grocery marketplace.

“One key element of our future success has been streamlining our supply chain and creating the ability to deliver the largest variety of quality products from any distribution center, to any customer,” Staples said.


Our Family products will be available in every aisle and include pantry staples, such as milk and peanut butter and non-food items, such as batteries and aluminum foil.

The brand offers additional “on-trend” items, including several flavors of sparkling water, Greek yogurt and breakfast bars, which the Spartan brand did not offer, Pierce said.

Replacement timeline

By the second quarter of 2018, SpartanNash expects to replace 2,000 products in its 87 corporate-owned Michigan stores — including Family Fare, D&W Fresh Market, Forest Hills Foods, ValuLand and VG’s stores — as well as products it distributes to more than 300 independent retailers throughout the state.

The company has already replaced about 700 products in the Michigan market via its Grand Rapids distribution center.

Pierce said the specific phase-out timeline of the Spartan brand “will depend on each store’s inventory.”

“As they sell through Spartan products, Our Family items will be stocked in their place,” Pierce said.

Brand history

Our Family was created in 1904 by founders of the Nash Finch Company, which merged with Spartan Stores in 2013 to become SpartanNash.

After SpartanNash was formed, the company continued distributing Our Family brand products in its non-Michigan, corporate-owned stores and to nearly 2,000 independent customers outside of the state.

The Spartan brand remained the private brand for all Michigan-based stores and most of its Michigan independent customers served from its Grand Rapids distribution center, until the company decided last year to begin phasing it out.

Private brand portfolio

SpartanNash offers several private brands, some of which are exclusive to the company, such as Our Family, Open Acres, Tangled Tree and Stoked, and others that are part of the Topco brand portfolio, including Full Circle, TopCare, Culinary Tours, Simply Done, Tippy Toes, Pure Harmony and Paws Happy Life.

Open Acres is SpartanNash’s “fresh” brand — offering produce, bakery, deli, poultry, pork and seafood offerings — while Full Circle includes lines of organic and eco-friendly home products.


SpartanNash (Nasdaq: SPTN) was formed in 2013 when the Nash Finch Company — founded in 1885 — and Spartan Stores — established in 1917 — merged.

The Fortune 350 company distributes grocery products to independent retailers, national accounts, its corporate-owned retail stores and U.S. military commissaries and exchanges.

SpartanNash serves customer locations in 47 states and the District of Columbia, Europe, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Bahrain and Egypt.

The company operates 145 supermarkets, primarily under the banners of Family Fare, VG’s Food and Pharmacy, D&W Fresh Market, Sun Mart and Family Fresh Market. 

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