Guild publishes annual beer magazine


Unruly Brewery Co. said it’s “the first craft brewery to be founded in Muskegon since prohibition.” Photo via

Keeping track of the growing number of Michigan breweries is much easier this week.

The annual “Michigan. The Great Beer State.” magazine has been released by the Michigan Brewers Guild.

Within the publication’s 72 pages, it identifies the state’s record 154 breweries, including a pull-out map.

The magazine has a mix of editorial that includes government updates from Lansing and Washington, D.C., recipes, pairing ideas, quality and cleanliness issues.


This year, Gov. Rick Snyder wrote the intro to the magazine. Snyder, like many of the state’s politicians, has embraced the economic role the brewing industry plays in the state.

Michigan’s brewing industry contributed more than $277 million to the state’s economy last year.

“From neighborhood brewpubs to microbreweries, our talented artisans are crafting unique flavors and styles that continue to reinforce the culture of beer,” Snyder writes. “By working together and utilizing our strongest industries, we can continue re-inventing our state by widening the ‘River of Opportunity’ for generations of Michiganders to come.”

With the fifth-most breweries in the nation, the guild has staked the claim of “The Great Beer State,” as it works to see craft beer earn a 10-percent share of beer sold in Michigan.


The magazine is available at its member breweries and online

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