GVSU charter schools go to head of class


GVSU's Louie Laker. Photo via fb.com

The charter schools that have been authorized by Grand Valley State University have outperformed all the rest, according to the Michigan State Board of Education.

That finding comes from the results of tests that charter school students took.

The statewide report revealed that GVSU charter school students demonstrated a greater degree of proficiency and growth than students in other chartered systems, on average. The same finding was evident for economically disadvantaged and minority students.

“Grand Valley Schools work very diligently on improving teaching and learning, and (on) a commitment to serving their neighborhoods,” said Timothy Wood, charter school director for GVSU.

GVSU charters 52 schools that serve 25,400 elementary, middle and high school students across the state. Most schools are in the greater Detroit area.

The university’s charter curriculum includes focuses on design, arts, technology, character, health and innovation.

GVSU currently has a waiting list of more than 10,000 students for its charter schools.

Michigan State University conducted the testing on behalf of the state education board.

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