Hard cider maker opens restaurant and bar


Vander Mill is a hard cider maker with locations in Grand Rapids and Spring Lake. Photo via fb.com

A hard cider maker in the region is opening a restaurant and bar in town tonight.

Spring Lake-based Vander Mill will open its new restaurant and bar in Grand Rapids, at 505 Ball Ave. NE.

Vander Mill has already launched a production facility at the Grand Rapids site.


Last October, Vander Mill announced the addition of chef Justin Large as culinary director in anticipation of the new restaurant.

The restaurant will offer an expanded menu from its Spring Lake location.

Starters on the menu include items such as radishes and butter, crispy fried smelt, tuna crudo, ham and donuts and a selection of salads.

Entrees include schnitzel, spaetzle, double burger, pan-roasted duck breast and leg and hanger steak.

Family sized sharable options include a roasted whole chicken, pan-roasted whole fish, bouillabaisse and braised lamb shank.

The space will also feature a bar that serves Vander Mill’s hard ciders, as well as beers.


The facility should help further establish Vander Mill as one of the largest hard cider producers in the nation, with immediate capacity to produce one-million gallons of cider a year.

The former B&B Distributing Facility has enough room for Vander Mill to eventually make about six-million gallons.

The Business Journal reported in 2015 that Vander Mill purchased the building for $2 million, with a planned investment of $1.3 million to renovate.

“We’re getting into a building dramatically bigger than our production warrants right now,” Vander Heide told the Business Journal in May 2015. “This building gives us the opportunity to continue to grow more organized and controlled. It’s a very significant investment for the size of our company, and we’re betting on the . . . industry growing as it has been.”

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