BHSH System will continue providing abortion services

Spectrum Health's Butterworth Hospital. Courtesy BHSH System

Spectrum Health and Beaumont Health hospitals will continue to provide pregnancy termination when “medically necessary.”  

In a statement released Saturday, June 25, BHSH system said it decided to continue its practice of providing abortion services, despite the uncertain future of abortion in Michigan following the overturning of Roe v. Wade on June 24. 

“At present, the current legal landscape regarding abortion in our state is unclear and uncertain,” BHSH said. “We are aware of the 1931 Michigan law. However, given the uncertainties and confusion surrounding its enforcement, until there is clarity, we will continue our practice of providing abortions when medically necessary.” 

BHSH said it performed approximately 60 abortions in 2021 that required hospital care, but it has and will not provide abortions that are not deemed medically necessary, often referred to as “elective abortions.” 

“We continue to believe that these decisions are both personal and private and best made between a woman and her physician,” BHSH said. “We urge Michigan courts to bring clarity as quickly as possible.” 

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