Blue Care Network of Michigan introduces new health plans

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Blue Care Network of Michigan is bringing to market two new health insurance plans.

Blue Elect PlusSM and BCN HMO Fixed CostSM are designed to offer members more care options and a simplified cost structure and provide small and large businesses with additional benefit choices to meet employee needs.

The Blue Elect PlusSM point of service plan gives small and large group members the affordability and managed care benefits of an HMO, layered with the provider choice and flexibility of a PPO offering. Members both in- and out-of-state will be able to self-refer for specialist needs with access to coverage for in- and out-of-network providers.

“Our new Blue Elect Plus offers members the best of both worlds because it combines all the benefits of an HMO and PPO plan into one,” said Sandy Fester, vice president of middle and small group business for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. “The point of service plan design integrates the managed care benefits of a primary care physician and lower costs for in-network providers with the freedom to seek specialist care without a referral and continued coverage for out-of-network providers.”

The BCN HMO Fixed CostSM plan is designed to make it easy for small group members to better understand and manage their health care.

The fixed cost structure helps prevent cost uncertainty, so members know what to expect before each visit. Both plans include access to BCN’s broad network of providers with coverage in all 83 counties statewide and at least 30% more leading doctors and specialists than other market carriers.

“During these economically challenging times, Blue Cross is committed to ensuring our members and group customers have plan options that offer the rate predictability and comprehensive coverage needed to make the best decisions for their families and businesses,” Fester said. “We’re confident in adding the Blue Elect PlusSM and BCN HMO Fixed CostSM plans to our full portfolio as two more great choices for access to an expansive network of quality providers at a stable price point.”

In light of the ongoing disruption and uncertainty in health care around COVID-19, Blue Cross and BCN put forth efforts to help members and small businesses maintain health coverage, including average rate adjustments below 2% for 2021 enrollment.

Additional relief was provided through the return of approximately $47.5 million in medical, dental and vision premiums, the implementation of a special support program for small businesses severely impacted by the pandemic and help for displaced workers to obtain continued coverage.

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