Bronson Healthcare joins new provider network

Courtesy Bronson Healthcare

HealthBridge Financial announced Bronson Healthcare joined its provider network.

HealthBridge members will soon have a new way to pay for and manage their out-of-pocket payments when receiving care at any Bronson location in southwest Michigan.

“We know that when patients are unsure of how they will afford medical costs under today’s high deductible plans. They delay care, which hinders early diagnosis and treatment. This ultimately increases costs for everyone in the health care ecosystem and negatively impacts a patient’s health,” said Gregory VandenBosch, HealthBridge co-founder and CEO. “Bronson Healthcare is a forward-thinking, nationally recognized health system, and we are excited by the opportunity to work with them to improve both access and the overall financial experience for patients in the Kalamazoo area.”

“HealthBridge will help make the payment process easier for patients and provide them with more options than they had before, including extended payment options,” said Becky East, senior vice president and CFO for Bronson Healthcare. “We hope the financial security this service provides will give our patients confidence to seek care when they need it.”

Founded in 2016 by a team of industry experts, HealthBridge complements an employer’s high deductible health plan, helping covered participants manage and pay for out-of-pocket medical costs with a low employer cost and no enrollment cost to members.

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