Health system receives international recognition

Spectrum Health's Butterworth Hospital. Courtesy Spectrum Health

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) last month recognized a regional health system at its awards ceremony in Barcelona, Spain.

Spectrum Health was one of three U.S. health systems recognized at the awards ceremony, which recognized more than 40 hospital and health service providers across the globe in six categories. Spectrum Health received silver for the Dr. Kwang Tae Kim Grand Hospital Award, and Saudi German Hospital in Cairo, Egypt, took gold.

The award is granted to institutions that excel in multiple areas, including quality and patient safety, corporate social responsibility, health care leadership and management, and supporting sustainability initiatives. Spectrum Health was recognized for its operational deployment system (ODS) work, which is centered on creating synchronized plans and then tracking them to drive improved operations within its hospitals and medical offices.

The model’s intent is to create focus, support team members and align efforts to promote organizational goals, which resulted in greater efficiencies, improved quality and safety scores, and higher satisfaction scores from team members.

“We set and prioritized goals at a high level and made sure they cascaded down so every team member knew what they were and how to achieve them,” said Chad Tuttle, senior vice president of hospital and post-acute operations for Spectrum Health West Michigan. “This level of coordination helped us move toward our goals and is resulting in long-term cultural transformation.”

An example of the model’s implementation and success includes the use of ODS by the Spectrum Health Women’s Health team to improve patient referrals and enrollment in the state’s maternal infant health program. The team exceeded its goal of reaching Michigan’s statewide program enrollment of 30% and achieved 54% enrollment. Regional locations also set a referral goal of 50% and reached 69%.

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