Hudsonville Dental celebrates Smiles From the Heart with free dental day

Hudsonville Dental has served over 925 residents, totaling $267,000 in free dental care donations, over the past seven years. Courtesy Hudsonville Dental

Hudsonville Dental of MI Smiles Dental Group will provide free dental care for more than 80 West Michigan community members in need of treatment for its eighth annual Smiles From the Heart event (previously known as Dentistry From the Heart).

The event will take place from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 24, at 3250 Central Blvd. in Hudsonville.

Free services provided by Hudsonville Dental’s team of dentists, volunteers and sponsors will include extraction, filling or cleaning. Services will be available to at least the first 80 patients on a first-come, first-served basis.

Hudsonville Dental has served over 925 residents, totaling $267,000 in free dental care donations, over the past seven years and hopes to continue to spread smiles across West Michigan in 2021.

“Smiles From the Heart is the one day out of the year we set aside so that we can give our neighbors in need the care and treatment they deserve, regardless of condition or ability to pay,” said Hudsonville Dental’s Dr. Brian Yared. “If there is an unmet need, you will be treated … without barrier or judgement.”

Patients traveling from all over West Michigan arrive in the early hours of the morning to receive free dental care, typically between the hours of 5-8 a.m. Those arriving later in the morning usually are still seen but may have to wait longer than early attendees. Hudsonville Dental staff plan to keep attendees updated as the day progresses, allowing patients to decide whether they would like to stay for the chance at free dental care.

For those unable to attend the Sept. 24 event, MI Smiles Dental Group will have another Free Dental Day at its Grand Rapids office, Contemporary Family Dental on Oct. 22.

Hudsonville Dental’s event is sponsored by Oral-B, Baker Tent Rentals, Kerkstra Services Inc., Rainbow Grill (Hudsonville), Hudsonville Grille, Signatures Coffee & Espresso and 317 Coffee.

Donations for the event help to feed volunteers and patients and provide shelter for patients waiting in line. Those who wish to get involved for future events can reach out to MI Smiles Dental Group to assist with proceeds for food, snacks and drinks for attendees.

To learn more about Hudsonville Dental’s Smile From the Heart event, visit

Dentistry From the Heart is a nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Vincent Monticciolo more than 16 years ago with the primary goal of giving back to those who cannot afford dental care.

Each year, the organization inspires hundreds of events, which help thousands of patients to receive millions of dollars in free dental care. The organization’s vision is to expand its reach to even more practices worldwide. More information on Dentistry From the Heart is at

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