Metro Health announces rebrand to University of Michigan Health-West

Dr. Peter Hahn University of Michigan Health-West

Metro Health-University of Michigan Health announced it is rebranding to University of Michigan Health-West.

The new name was unanimously approved by the Metro Health board of directors on June 8. The transition to becoming University of Michigan Health-West is the result of nearly five years of expanding technology and capabilities as an affiliate of University of Michigan Health.

Recent accomplishments include the development of a stroke center, authorization for an open-heart surgery partnership and consecutive top ratings for safety.

“The new name is a natural next step, and our teams are proud of the role we play as part of one of the world’s most respected health systems,” CEO Dr. Peter Hahn said.

Hahn said the affiliation works because it combines the power of one of the world’s most respected academic medical centers that has more than a century of teaching, research and patient care with a nearly 80-year legacy of caring, innovation and progressive health care in West Michigan.

“This is exactly what our founding physicians envisioned when they launched a hospital in a remodeled house back in 1942,” Hahn said. “They wanted to find better ways to focus on patients. For every phase of our history and every name on the front door, that is what we have done.”

Founded as Grand Rapids Osteopathic Hospital, the organization was renamed several times: Metropolitan Hospital, Metro Health and, most recently, Metro Health-University of Michigan Health.

The name change will be phased over the next 12 months. The organization’s regional focus will remain governed by a local board of directors.

“The board of directors respects the distinguished history of this organization,” said Steve Van Andel, Metro Health Hospital board member. “A significant part of that history has been Metro’s ability to innovate while keeping patient care at the forefront. The new name proudly honors that legacy.”

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