Priority Health’s new technology promotes enhanced care

Praveen Thadani. Courtesy Priority Health

Priority Health has partnered with Madison-based health record systems provider Epic Systems to implement Epic’s Payer Platform as part of a long-term strategy to improve overall quality of care.

The implementation of Epic’s Payer Platform will reduce administrative burden for providers such as Spectrum Health who use Epic’s technology and allow for real-time exchanges of patient health information. The feature, which will be implemented this year, also is expected to lower the cost of care for insurance beneficiaries and improve overall quality of care.

“We understand that data from a health plan needs to be actionable at the point of care to drive effective engagement from our provider partners,” said Praveen Thadani, president of Priority Health. “Because Priority Health is part of an integrated delivery system, we are uniquely positioned to excel in this space and have the needed tools and resources for successfully implementing an advanced information sharing tool.”

The payment system also will improve care coordination with an enhanced focus on evidence-based medicine, all while reducing administrative burden for providers and speeding up prior authorization processing.

“Our ability to seamlessly connect our health plan with care delivery systems is a game-changer, resulting in better care, a better experience and a lower overall cost for our members and patients,” said Jason Joseph, chief digital and information officer at Spectrum Health.

When moving the project forward, Priority Health’s team focused on the quadruple aim strategy, which is a strategy in health care that focuses on enhancing patient experiences, improving population health, reducing costs, and improving the work-life balance of health care clinicians and staff.

“The way the industry shares information today can be complex and inefficient,” said Dr. Alejandro Quiroga, senior vice president and chief medical officer of ambulatory and population health at Spectrum Health. “Payer Platform allows for a more collaborative relationship between payers and providers, which is key for delivering quality care.”

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