Spectrum Health invests $151M for new care locations

Courtesy Spectrum Health

A Grand Rapids health system is investing $151 million for three new building projects that will benefit several patients in West Michigan.

Spectrum Health said Thursday, Jan. 13, the investment will provide patients with more convenient access to primary and specialty care close to home. The project focus includes expanding outpatient services at multiple Spectrum Health West Michigan locations, with the intent to provide more convenient and affordable care for patients.

“Providing our communities with care that is high-quality and convenient, particularly for outpatient services, is essential to helping people live healthier lives,” said Tina Freese Decker, president and CEO, Spectrum Health. “We are committed to making investments that increase access to affordable health care.”

Projects include a new ambulatory care and medical center at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital at 100 Michigan St. NE in Grand Rapids. The 11-story, 240,000-square-foot space will bring together several outpatient services, such as Spectrum’s heart and vascular neurosciences clinics and residency clinics. The facility also will include a simulation center to train and educate physicians by using applied experimental learning and hands-on technology to improve patient outcomes. It is expected to open in spring 2024.

The investment also will help expand the Lakeview Rural Health Clinic that will bring together outpatient care for the Lakeview area and surrounding communities. The 15,800-square-foot space will relocate the Lakeview Family Medicine practice, outpatient rehabilitation and walk-in clinic from their current locations and provide space for specialty care services. Spectrum Health plans to open the clinic in spring 2023.

The third project is a new 33,000-square-foot building that will house the Big Rapids Family Medicine Clinic. The space will provide Spectrum Health’s first urgent care option in the area, offering outpatient rehabilitation, occupational health and other ancillary services, opening in spring 2023.

Addresses for Big Rapids Family Medicine and Lakeview Family Medicine were not given at press time.

“We have listened to our community in prioritizing these building projects to improve access to exceptional care. We thank the physicians and community members who have helped develop these plans,” said Dr. Darryl Elmouchi, president, Spectrum Health West Michigan.

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