Health system makes nursing cuts


A nurse measures a dosage of medication. Photo via Sanchez

Five urgent care centers in the area will no longer employ registered nurses.

Spectrum Health said in a statement today that its five Grand Rapids-based centers will move to the standard urgent care model, which it said does not include RNs in addition to the physicians and advanced practice providers already at those sites.

Spectrum declined an interview about the change, but it said the decision comes after a regular evaluation of best practices, noting the Urgent Care Association reports the top three care models do not include RNs.

“As best practices evolve within our industry, we adjust our staffing models,” Spectrum Health said.

The change does not include its urgent care locations in Zeeland or Pennock or its orthopedic urgent care center in Grand Rapids.

The health system did not elaborate on why the change is the best decision for some urgent care centers and not others.

It said it has encouraged those affected RNs to apply for other jobs within the system.

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