Health system names SVP of strategy


Roger Jansen. Courtesy Spectrum Health

A human resources executive who’s started two companies is the new senior vice president of strategy at a health care system.

Thinking "differently"

Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids said last week that it has named Roger Jansen to the role.

Jansen will maintain his current position as senior vice president and chief human resource officer at Spectrum Health.

As SVP of strategy, Jansen will develop and manage long-term strategies for the health care system, heading up the organization’s strategic planning process.

“One of the big things for us is to understand the consumer marketplace more effectively and for us to really make sure we are continuing to establish health care in a way that is very focused on the needs of our patients and our members in the community and think differently than we have traditionally thought in the past,” Jansen said. “One of my initial challenges or goals is to make sure we are challenging ourselves in our own thinking, so we can be open to doing things differently and more effectively as we go forward.”


Previously, Jansen has held several leadership roles: chief executive officer of Thinkwise, an organizational consulting firm he founded; president of Leadership Capital Group, a consulting firm; corporate psychologist at Human Resource Associates; and founder of New Dimension Software, a software company.

Jansen also has experience working as a professional psychologist, with an emphasis in clinical psychology, neuropsychology and education.

He has been recognized as one of Evanta’s Top 10 Breakaway Leaders, or HR leaders who engage and develop the next generation of the global workforce.

With his clinical training and experience running companies with a global reach, Jansen said his understanding of the health care environment and experience in identifying patterns in the industry will benefit him in his dual role at Spectrum Health.

“I really think the heterogeneity of my background and not being isolated to thinking one way or having one perspective, but having multiple perspectives and multiple viewpoints will suit me and hopefully the organization very well as we go on the next leg of the journey,” Jansen said. “I have been very up to speed on how you look at rhythms and patterns from both an industry perspective and a broader perspective to pick up on strategic initiatives and directions that should be identified accordingly to plan and help us achieve our vision for being a national leader in health by 2020.” 

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