Holland firm nets Boston IT developer


NET(net) Inc. has added to its stable of services with the acquisition of Boston-based xPeerient, a developer of cloud-based IT Marketplace.

Terms of the deal were not announced. NET, a Holland-based global provider of comprehensive IT investment optimization services, in March purchased Oracle Optimization, an independent Los Angeles-based Oracle configuration and cost optimization consultant. The xPeerient acquisition will unite NET’s automated professional services and proprietary methodologies with xPeerient’s digital platform.

“NET(net) has long been known as independent agents and client advocates helping our clients maximize the economic and strategic value of their technology supply chains while evaluating, contracting with, and managing their technology suppliers,” said Steven Zolman, NET founder and chief services architect.

“That legacy will continue, and will now be enhanced as we provide technology enablement and automated business processes to help clients leverage our federated market intelligence, benefit from the collective experiences of our subscriber base, and adopt expert capabilities by leveraging our industry best practices, proprietary methodologies and automated workflows.”

With the addition of xPeerient, NET's business model will expand, incorporating “a comprehensive suite of IT strategic supplier management tools,” and forming its own wholly owned subsidiary, WIN(win). According to a statement from the company, WIN is being previewed as a “fully technology-enabled and automated business process for strategic sourcing and strategic supplier management of the IT supply chain.” It also will allow clients to find suppliers and vice versa.

It’s as close to a perfect fit as a tech company can get, said xPeerient CEO Mark Hall, who founded the company in 2009. Hall joins NET as its senior vice president and chief technology officer overseeing WIN.

“A dream for many tech startups is to find a home within a highly successful company who has masterful knowledge of the domain, great clients and the vision to see that technology automation is the key to scaling and serving its clients better and deeper. That describes NET(net) to a T,” Hall said.

“From our very first meeting, we knew we had the makings of a powerhouse capable of rewiring the way the industry interacts and does business with technology suppliers."

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