HR firm partners with GR Current


Axios employees approximately 5,000 people, one of Grand Rapids' top private employers. Photo via Axios

A Grand Rapids-based firm providing customized human resources services is collaborating with GR Current to provide pro bono advice to early stage companies.

Axios HR, a customized human resources provider headquartered at 801 Broadway Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, is partnering with GR Current, a business incubator for life sciences and emerging technologies in the region, to provide pro bono human resources advice and counseling, along with a sponsorship donation of $25,000.

The partnership

Dan Barcheski, CEO of Axios Inc., said Axios HR has been committed to assisting small businesses since its establishment and partnering with GR Current was a natural fit for the organization.

“We are partnering at this very moment,” said Barcheski in reference to when the partnership goes into effect. “We have spent and will spend more time at GR Current educating and answering employment-related questions and concerns.”

Axios HR will provide a number of human resources services to the startup companies, including advice on employment law; federal and state compliance issues; assistance with strategies to recruit, hire, retain and increase productivity of their team; and basic handbook creation to help new employees.

Stan Samuel, director at GR Current, said the organization is excited about the help from the private sector, which he feels is validating GR Current’s work and will be providing much-needed support in human resources services to its clients.

“We want them to be in a position, if we can, to provide all those things to our clients that allow them to … efficiently move forward in their development,” said Samuel. “Usually, since we are dealing with high-tech growth companies, if you think about human resources regulations and compliance, those don’t tend to be core aspects of what those companies do.”

The firm

Founded in 1988 as Staffing Inc., Axios HR has provided customized human resources services and outsourcing to businesses for more than 25 years. Axios HR offers a number of services such as payroll processing, benefits sourcing and administration, corporate recruitment, employment screening and processing, new hire orientation and government regulatory compliance.

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