2020 40 Under 40 award recipient: Anthony Lazzaro

Anthony Lazzaro Courtesy 616 Media

Anthony Lazzaro, 29

Spectrum Health Innovations and Ventures

Not everybody takes the same path to success. Anthony Lazzaro said the best decision of his life was to take a break from college to pursue his first startup.

“Those experiences built my work ethic, stamina and forced me to grow socially, develop key leadership skills, manage chaos and be self-sufficient,” he said. “I knew that college would always be there, and if I didn’t take the chance, I would have regretted it.”

Lazzaro’s first startup was Kruue, a digital loyalty app driven by micro-influencers to connect both national and local brands to localized communities. Kruue was in five major university markets with over 100 accounts generating $50,000 month over month in the first six months of operation, he said.

Additionally, while working for the music festival Life in Color, Lazzaro helped execute 20 nationwide concerts and events, which sold over 75,000 tickets and generated $3.1 million in revenue.

Prior to his current role, Lazzaro built Carol Health while at Spectrum. He and his co-founders brought access and affordability to health care for the community.

“This was the first significant milestone where I was able to see that goal in action, it was a very fulfilling feeling and has continued to motivate me to build and provide solutions — innovative health solutions — with my team at Spectrum Health Innovations and Ventures,” he said.

As manager of Spectrum Health Innovations and Ventures, Lazzaro managed a new product development portfolio, including the assessment of over 1,200 new ideas annually and 10-20 concurrent development projects including digital solutions, medical devices, partnerships, co-developments and new business models.

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