2020 40 Under 40 award recipient: Max Friar

Max Friar Courtesy 616 Media

Max Friar, 39

Founder, managing partner/co-founder
Calder Capital/Small Business Deal Advisors

Max Friar has founded and co-founded multiple businesses since 2009 and is now pouring “100% effort” into his mergers and acquisitions firm Calder Capital, which keeps breaking its own records for number of M&A deals completed.

Calder Capital has been named the No. 1 M&A firm in the Business Journal’s Book of Lists each year since 2018.

A 2003 graduate of Alma College with a degree in international relations and economics, Friar said he takes a “slow and steady” approach to building businesses.

His nominator, Matthew Baas, described Friar as a “successful and ethical” business leader who, in his dedication to innovation, selects team members and gives them rein to “try new things and constantly improve.” Baas is case in point: he started at Calder Capital as an intern and went on to co-found Small Business Deal Advisors with Friar, a firm that advises businesses that have traditionally been underserved by main street business brokers — restaurants, retail, small service and franchise businesses.

Friar said his greatest priority as a local business owner is to act with integrity and to help others by giving them his time, attention and care, a lesson he learned from the grandmother who helped raise him.

He describes himself as “a lifelong member of the local business community with an impeccable record for integrity and a track record for steady growth, rewarding job creation (and) innovation.”

“I will not wear out in my pursuit to provide life-changing opportunities for personal growth and wealth creation for my team,” he said.

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