2021 40 Under 40 award recipient: Andrea Wallace

Andrea Wallace. Courtesy 616 Media

Andrea Wallace, 38



Although the music industry was one of the most affected industries during the pandemic, Andrea Wallace has emerged bigger and better.

She recently was appointed CEO of Opnr after it acquired her startup Fourtifeye in June. Wallace founded Fourtifeye, a data aggregation platform for musicians, in 2019 when she was able to get her startup accepted to the Capitol Records/Motown Music Tech startup accelerator.

When the pandemic hit, she began questioning whether her work in music and data was in vain, but when an opportunity to be acquired by Opnr came along, she ran with it. Opnr is a cloud-based application that connects musicians with performance opportunities and local concert organizers.

“I’m passionate about highlighting why the creative economy is so important everywhere, but especially here in West Michigan,” she said. “It’s unfortunate that so many who work in creative fields find themselves having to move to another location to pursue their passions. I was one of those people. I left for Los Angeles and also lived in Detroit … and I came back.”

Along with being the CEO of Opnr, Wallace is a DJ known in music circles as SuperDre. She has played at The Pyramid Scheme, Brewery Vivant and The Intersection, among other venues.

In addition to establishing her career in the music industry, Wallace is the product development manager at Emergent Holdings, which creates insurance products, technology solutions and services for stakeholders such as employers, individuals and other partners.

Wallace also is an investor and partner in Motu Viget Spirits, a wine and spirits company in Grand Rapids.

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