2021 40 Under 40 award recipient: Nathan Baar

Nathan Baar. Courtesy 616 Media

Nathan Baar, 34

Founder, CEO


One of the biggest shocks to Nathan Baar’s life also turned out to be his biggest break. After spending the first 12 years of his professional life with Metro Health, he received notice in May 2020 that he had been let go.

“It was brutal and immediate, and I felt like I was lost for a short period of time,” he said. “The amazing part of it all is that on that very same day, May 5, I received the official letter in the mail that HealthBar was recognized as a business in the state of Michigan.”

Baar said he had applied for his business license in April 2020, not knowing the events that were about to unfold in early May due to the pandemic.

“Out of grief and loss came the opportunity to create a business, and honestly a movement, that I feel will change the face of health care both locally and nationally,” Baar said.

With locations in Grand Rapids and Holland, HealthBar offers customized health care solutions to businesses and schools across the state. The company initially started to provide services related to COVID-19 testing, but now it also provides accessible, affordable and convenient health care at each of its drive-through locations.

“I’m most proud of starting my business last year during one of the most difficult times to do so,” Baar said. “Considering that in just a little over one year, HealthBar has 16 employees and over 325 contracted clinicians, it’s quite amazing to look back at the growth we’ve experienced.”

HealthBar ended its first year with over $3 million in revenue.

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