Wedge signs AI data system partner

Matt Baxter Courtesy Wedge

A startup company that created a video interviewing platform for job seekers and recruiters is partnering with an AI-powered talent data system company.

Holland-based Wedge and Mountain View, California-based Hiretual said they have signed a partnership that will enable streamlining of the candidate sourcing and screening process.

“There’s a natural synergy between Wedge and Hiretual — we’re both on a mission to remove inefficiencies and enhance the recruiting function overall,” said Matt Baxter, founder and CEO of Wedge. “That’s why we’re so excited Hiretual is the first major player to join Wedge’s newly established partner program. Our work together is going to benefit clients in a big way.”

Steven Jiang, CEO of Hiretual, said Wedge will give Hiretual the ability to provide its customers “richer screening capabilities enhanced with video interview recordings.”

“Wedge is changing how companies think about video interviewing, right when they need it most,” Jiang said. “Likewise, talent acquisition is evolving rapidly, and the partnership between Hiretual and Wedge will further support that transformation.”

At a time when traditional hiring initiatives like in-person interviews are no longer feasible, Wedge and Hiretual aim to introduce flexibility and adaptability into the recruiting process. Hiretual’s AI sourcing capabilities, combined with Wedge’s one-way approach to video interviewing, will make it possible for recruiters to get to know candidates beyond what it says on their résumé without additional effort. Both solutions are meant to support improving quality of hire while reducing the time spent sourcing and screening candidates.

“Wedge and Hiretual want to make hiring easier, despite present circumstances, and recruiters know that the right tech stack can make all the difference,” Baxter said. “Through this partnership, we’ll be working together to ensure recruiters have what they need to source and screen candidates quickly while delivering a stellar experience.”

More information about the Hiretual and the Wedge partner program is available at


Founded in 2015, Wedge is the one-way recorded video assessment designed to enable candidates to “show their true selves.”


Also established in 2015, Hiretual is an AI-powered recruitment software that functions as a candidate data engine to centralize all recruiting efforts for hiring teams big and small.

It allows customers to conduct AI sourcing across more than 750 million profiles on the open web, build personalized engagement campaigns with market insights and rediscover old profiles in their databases with intelligent data enrichment.

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