Ice cream brand partners on new line of flavors


Chocolate Moose Tracks and original Moose Tracks. Courtesy Denali Flavors

An ice cream brand in the region is partnering to roll out a new line of flavors.

Wayland-based Denali Flavors, a developer and marketer of ice cream flavors, has released a new selection of flavors with an unnamed dairy company that complement Denali's original Moose Tracks flavor.

"We embrace innovation and respond to consumer desires," said Neal Glaeser, president, Denali Flavors. "We hope that these new offerings provide more ways for consumers to enjoy Moose Tracks."

The new flavors are:

  • Caramel Moose Tracks: caramel-flavored ice cream with caramel cups and Moose Tracks fudge
  • Cookie Dough Moose Tracks: cookie dough-flavored ice cream with Moose Tracks cookie dough pieces and Moose Tracks fudge
  • Coffee Moose Tracks: coffee-flavored ice cream with Moose Tracks chocolate coffee flakes and Moose Tracks fudge
  • Black Raspberry Moose Tracks: black raspberry-flavored ice cream with black raspberry cups and Moose Tracks fudge

Moose Tracks' popularity has pushed the flavor outside of the ice cream aisle, expanding into salty and savory snacks, as well as the refrigerated section.

The Moose Tracks co-branded flavor franchise exceeds $100 million of retail sales in more than 30 million packages.

Denali Flavors

Denali Flavors is owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Wally Blume and June Blume.

The company works with ice cream-producing dairies across the country to manufacture an array of regional and store-branded products. 

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