Ice cream maker releases limited-edition fall flavors


Hudsonville Ice Cream in Holland is rolling out four limited-edition fall flavors, including a caramel apple one. Photo via

An ice cream maker is introducing limited-edition fall flavors and putting the spotlight on some of Michigan’s top crops.

Holland-based Hudsonville Ice Cream announced that its Cider Mill Donut ice cream is now available on store shelves, and its Pure Michigan Salted Caramel Apple will hit the freezer aisle in October.

Additionally, Hudsonville Fried Ice Cream and Pumpkin Pie will also be available through grocery stores during the fall season.

Michigan agriculture

Hudsonville Ice Cream said its fall flavors show off Michigan’s bountiful apple and pumpkin crops.

Cider Mill Donut and Pure Michigan Salted Caramel Apple feature pieces of locally sourced apples.

Michigan is the third largest apple-producing state in the country, behind California and New York, according to the Michigan Apple Committee.

In 2014, Michigan harvested about 24 million bushels of apples from 9.2 million apple trees in commercial production, covering 36,500 acres on 850 family farms.

Michigan’s apple industry is valued at about $250 million annually.

Michigan is also ranked second in the country for the number of pumpkins harvested each year, Hudsonville Ice Cream noted.

Fall flavors

Cider Mill Donut features apple-cider-flavored ice cream, with a spiced-apple swirl throughout and donut pieces.

Pure Michigan Salted Caramel Apple combines fresh Michigan apples folded into a caramel-infused ice cream, designed to taste “just like caramel apples on a stick.”

Fried Ice Cream was inspired by the restaurant-style dessert, mixing cinnamon ice cream with pieces of cinnamon tostada crunch, with a honey-caramel swirl.

Pumpkin Pie combines traditional pumpkin pie flavors with pieces of piecrust.

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