Ice cream maker releases winter flavors


Peppermint Stick is a limited-edition winter flavor. Courtesy Hudsonville Ice Cream

It might be cold outside, but that’s not stopping an ice cream maker from releasing a new batch of winter flavors.

The winter limited-edition flavors by Hudsonville Ice Cream include Pure Michigan Winter Campfire, Peppermint Stick, Chicago Caramel Popcorn and Pumpkin Pie.

The flavors

Hudsonville said its Pure Michigan Winter Campfire creates the frozen version of the campfire favorite. It combines original vanilla ice cream with marshmallow, graham cracker pieces and milk chocolate flakes.

Peppermint Stick is a traditional holiday flavor favorite, which blends candy cane pieces with original vanilla ice cream.

Hudsonville said Chicago Caramel Popcorn is inspired by the Windy City’s kettle-popped goodness. It includes buttery caramel ice cream and crunchy clusters swirled with a salty caramel ribbon.

Hudsonville also has a limited amount of its Pumpkin Pie ice cream still available for winter. The dessert-inspired ice cream includes actual pieces of piecrust.

“This season’s winter limited edition combines old time favorites like Peppermint Stick, a top holiday seller, with our new Pure Michigan-inspired Winter Campfire,” said C.J. Ellens, a spokesperson for Hudsonville Ice Cream. “We are excited to bring new innovation to our winter lineup.”

Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors can be found in grocery stores and ice cream parlors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. In addition to its “all season” flavors, which are available year-round, several “seasonal flavors” are offered on a limited basis throughout the year.

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