JobFLEX lands in top 20 on Google Play


A mobile app made to streamline the process of quotes and payments for contractors was one of Google’s top 20 grossing business apps after going live last spring. 

JobFLEX was in the top 20 grossing business apps on Google Play, coming from the top 50 list when it debuted in spring of this year. Prior to this, the app had been in development for just over three years and launched in a free-to-use, beta form on Google Play in 2015.

JobFLEX was developed by Kim Phillipi, owner of Rockford-based Greenfit Homes, a small insulation contracting firm.

“The construction industry has been a little bit slower to adapt to technology,” Phillipi said. “What this app does is provide estimators a way to invoice without pen and paper.”

According to the JobFLEX website, features include the ability for contractors to create quotes and invoices from the office or in the field, even without a WiFi or 4G connection, the ability to include project photos with estimates and a “fat-finger-friendly” interface that requires little to no typing.

Phillipi said JobFLEX has relied heavily on user feedback to decide the best features for contractors.

“We have contractors in painting, HVAC, etc,” she said. “We’ve kind of switched our features and asked, ‘What would you like developed?’”

JobFLEX also is working to improve its capabilities. For the immediate future, the app is set to launch in Spanish- and French-speaking countries. Canada and Australia also are on JobFLEX’s horizon, as it attempts to expand its English-speaking footprint.

The company is looking to partner with payment processing platforms like PayPal, so contractors can process payments while on-site.

The company also has a goal of developing JobFLEX for Apple iOS, but currently, Phillipi is hopeful about raising the app’s success on Google Play. She said they are competing to land in the top 10 on a platform with over 225,000 business apps.

“We were happy ranking with the top 20, but to make any significant reach with Google, we still have to reach the top 10,” she said. “It’s a pretty competitive playing field … if you don’t get people on board in that first couple of weeks, they’re gone. There are so many apps out there.”

Users can try JobFLEX for free and create up to six quotes and invoices. At $10 per month, a single user can create unlimited quotes and invoices, and at $20 per month, the app can be used by an unlimited number of users for an unlimited number of quotes and invoices.

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