Kimberly Downey finds cases at Complete Investigations



Editor’s note: Each issue of the Influential Women enewsletter will feature a profile of one of the Business Journal’s reigning Top Women Owned Businesses finalists. The profile first appeared in the event program.

Kimberly Downey wears many hats, and it wouldn’t be surprising if at least one of them is part of a disguise.

Downey is the owner of Complete Investigations in Grand Rapids, a multi-state detective agency.

She also owns Admirroration, an interactive advertising business that uses multimedia advertising networks within communities by installing “smart” advertising mirrors in high-traffic businesses.

She also has four years of clinical experience in the pharmaceutical industry, while studying the physiology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of FDA-approved drugs while interacting with more than 400 physicians in Michigan.

“I have also attended the academy for the National Insurance Crime Bureau and specialize in surveillance and interviewing,” she said. “I have participated in various types of investigations throughout my professional career, including cause and origin, auto theft, automobile accidents, home invasions, witness interviews, wrongful deaths, sexual harassment and internal business investigations.”

Complete Investigations — which was a finalist for the 2013 Top Women Owned Business award in the $1.49 million and under revenue category — opened in 2004 and employs 10 people.

Downey, who holds dual degrees in criminal justice and sociology from Central Michigan University, has worked in an undercover capacity for a mid Michigan police department and worked for more than 13 years as an investigator for a private detective firm.

She is certified by the Reid School of Interrogations and Interviewing and is considered an expert in cellular phone forensics.

“I am a multi-business owner with an entrepreneurial mindset dedicated to creating a positive impact on our community’s economy by employing a local work force, as well as working to eliminate fraudulent insurance claims to keep our insurance premiums down,” Downey said.

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