Lab stops testing pesticide on dogs


A West Michigan laboratory has halted pesticide testing on beagles after the Humane Society of the United States released an undercover investigation that raised concerns about the animals' treatment.

Corteva Agriscience, the agriculture division of DowDuPont Inc., said Monday that Brazilian regulators approved a waiver that's allowed the company to end the testing. The company had previously said the testing was necessary to comply with Brazil's pesticide requirements.

"We have immediately ended the study that was the subject of attention last week and will make every effort to rehome the animals that were part of the study," the company said on Twitter.

The decision comes after the Humane Society last week released an undercover investigation into the Charles River Laboratories in Mattawan. The lab, which is about 10 miles west of Kalamazoo, had been contracted to conduct the tests.

The Humane Society said it documented nearly two dozen experiments that involved animal testing. The group said one experiment involved 36 beagles that were being used in a yearlong pesticide test for a product being developed by Corteva.

The organization called for the dogs to be released, citing fears the animals would be euthanized in July once the study was complete.

Humane Society President and CEO Kitty Block called the decision "a huge win."

"This is a significant step that is critical to the welfare of the dogs" Block said.

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