Law firm steers into downtown


Brandon Hewitt. Courtesy Michigan Auto Law

A law firm with a statewide presence has opened an office in downtown Grand Rapids’ McKay Tower to better serve clients in West Michigan.

West Michigan presence

The personal injury law firm Michigan Auto Law has 18 attorneys working out of offices in Farmington Hills, Detroit, Ann Arbor and Sterling Heights.

It has regularly served clients in West Michigan and said that it recently determined opening an office in the region made good business sense.

The firm works with clients who have suffered serious injuries from car, truck or motorcycle accidents. The firm is located at 146 Monroe Center St. NW.

“We were doing our best to service the West Michigan area, which meant a lot of commuting for me and some of our other attorneys,” said Brandon Hewitt, who will serve as the primary attorney in the Grand Rapids office. “Our business has been very good, and the clientele has been growing every year over on the west side of the state, and now it's gotten to the point where it has justified the need for an actual office there, so that we can be a little bit more convenient for our clients.”

Hewitt said the Grand Rapids office would offer all of the services that its other offices provide.

“Clients can be assured that they are getting the full Michigan Auto Law service in the Grand Rapids office,” Hewitt said.

The firm hopes to grow in the coming years.

“We expect to be there for the long term,” Hewitt said. “Hopefully, we will grow and continue to grow, and if that means that we need to put an office in any other West Michigan cities like Kalamazoo or Holland or Muskegon, then that will happen — or expand our size in the Grand Rapids area.”

Hewitt said Grand Rapids has been an underserved market, and up until recently, most firms set up shop in Detroit and serviced the West Michigan market by commuting to the region to meet with clients.

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"Serious injuries"

Hewitt also noted that the firm focuses exclusively on serious injury cases and said that it is not an ambulance-chasing firm.

“We try to emphasize to people that we do serious injuries — to be clear that we don’t chase frivolous cases,” Hewitt said. “Legitimate car, truck and motorcycle accidents and insurance claims where benefits have been wrongfully denied or terminated. We really try to make it clear that we are distinct from the commercial advertisers that kind of give personal injury attorneys a stigma.”


In addition to being a great opportunity for the firm, Hewitt said it was also a logical step for him.

He is originally from the West Michigan area and is excited to return to Grand Rapids permanently.

“We are just excited to be there,” Hewitt said. “We know that Grand Rapids is a growing city, very possibly the future of Michigan as a whole, and, again, for me, it’s exciting to be in the city with my wife and to really feel like we are at home there.”

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