Logistics company opens next warehouse


Hutt Logistics specializes in the transportation and storage of temperature-controlled products. Photo via google.com

A logistics company has opened a 67,000-square-foot warehouse in the region to handle demand for cold food storage.

The space

Hutt Logistics, a trucking, logistics and warehousing company, said recently that it has opened the space in Hudsonville.

Hutt plans to create at least 15 jobs due to the space.

Since the new facility opened a few months ago, it has reached 80 percent capacity. The space can accommodate more than 7,500 pallets at full capacity.

The company expects to expand the new location during the fourth quarter of this year to accommodate growth. The expansion will accommodate an additional 7,000 to 10,000 pallet spaces, according to the company’s website.

Cold storage

Hutt currently stores and moves more than 120,000 pallets of frozen food every year, including the local House of Flavors brand and national gelato and sorbet maker Ciao Bella, which uses Hutt to store and ship products to destinations across the U.S.

“There are currently a large number of producers in West Michigan who are using out-of-state cold storage warehouses,” said Curt Brower, SVP, Hutt Logistics.

He said the company’s goal is to reduce clients overall operating costs by growing in-state capacity.

Carlos Canals, CEO at Ciao Bella, said cold food storage and transportation are very limited in Michigan.

“It requires significant investment and upkeep to maintain optimum temperatures for frozen desserts,” Canals said.


Hutt specializes in full-service logistics, with an emphasis on deep-frozen and temperature-controlled storage and transportation.

Hutt also manages a 55,000-square-foot dry warehouse in Holland and an 885,000 square-foot dry-and-humidity-controlled warehouse in Kentwood.

Its overall warehouse space totals more than one million square feet.

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