Mail and marketing service chooses site near airport


Presort Services Inc. is moving to a larger building — the same facility it initially deemed too big and out of its price range.

Established nearly 30 years ago, the private company is moving from its 31,000-square-foot location at 3594 Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Drive SE to a 39,305-square-foot building at 4850 Kendrick St. SE in Cascade Township. The building is part of an industrial park near the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.

Presort Services provides mailing and marketing services to businesses in Michigan and beyond. It also designs and produces marketing materials, and collects, sorts, packages and processes clients’ first-class and bulk-mail pieces.

“We originally toured seven buildings during our first time around and expanded it to additional tours later on,” said Steve Dodgson, president of the commercial real estate brokerage firm Dodgson Realty Co., which acted as Presort Services’ tenant representative.

“We actually ended up leasing the first building we toured. It was rejected outright as too big and too expensive, but eventually, after viewing things, they returned to it and finalized a favorable economic package. It worked out well.”

Presort Services will spend a projected $150,000 to retrofit the new building suite and will use the facility for warehouse space, a new data center, offices and manufacturing operations, said Dodgson. The move should be completed in November.

As a result of its new digs, Presort Services’ corporate office will move from its Lansing location to Grand Rapids.

“They will maintain their Lansing facility,” said Dodgson. “They have a good client base there. It’s just Grand Rapids is a bigger market for them.”

That bigger market meant taking into account the quasi-departments Presort Services requires to keep its for-profit business humming, said Dodgson.

“We started with a meeting that took place in early spring and researched their existing conditions and space and looked at their requirements for change,” said Dodgson.

“They have a heavy office administrative component to their space that’s much larger than standard industrial users have, that came from executive offices there (in Lansing) and a large data center. Plus, the actual corporate headquarters operation is going to be relocated from Lansing to this location. I think Grand Rapids is the bigger operation, and it just made sense with the executives to bring them to this new facility.”

Moving closer to the airport was important, in part because it’s nearer to the U.S. Postal Service and thus will shave costs.

“There’s a couple of smaller (reasons for relocating),” said Dodgson. “Parking and delivery components are a few of the reasons. Presort does have customer delivery vans going back and forth, and they have to accommodate that on the site, logistically, and they have multiple shifts going on. And then there are some dimensional restrictions based on their equipment layout and inventory process, which has a certain dimension and flow of the operation that made it important to find the right fit, as well.”

This marks the second time Dodgson Realty has helped Presort Services find a new location. The first time was in 1982 when it leased 5,000 square feet of space to run its operations.

“Repeat business is nothing unusual for our company,” said Dodgson. “We generally go about our business in a quiet fashion.”

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