Manufacturer doubling HQ


Courtesy Lakeshore Advantage

A maker of advanced fiber materials is moving its headquarters in the region.

Composite Builders is investing $344,600 to renovate a 30,000-square-foot facility in Holland, at 430 W. 18th St., more than doubling its former space in Holland, at 500 E. 8th St., according to Lakeshore Advantage yesterday.

The manufacturing space is finished and in use, and the office space is next.

The expansion will allow the company to support new projects, including work on America’s Cup sailboat, slated for completion this fall.

Composite Builders employs nearly 30 people and is adding 15 jobs.

“The strong appeal to us growing our business in West Michigan is in the sense of community, economic growth and forward thinking for the aerospace and manufacturing industries,” said Brian MacInnes, CEO of Composite Builders, adding the company has grown due to demand for its products.

“When partnering with other local industrial businesses — like Christianson Fiberglass, Allrout, Impact Fab and Plascore, to name a few — we make a powerful team for some of our larger projects.”

Lakeshore Advantage, a Zeeland-based economic development nonprofit, has worked with Composite Builders to identify local and state resources to support the expansion and assisted the company through the tax abatement application process.

The city of Holland approved a tax abatement over 12 years for the project.

Composite Builders

Composite Builders makes structures and components using advanced fiber materials and fiber-reinforced polymers.

The company serves the military, marine, energy, recreation, aerospace and architecture markets with materials that are ultra-lightweight, durable and load-bearing.

Some notable products that use the company’s technology include sit skis for the USA Paralympic Nordic Skiing Team, fly fishing rods and wind turbine blades.

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