Behler-Young makes pair of leadership changes

Dave DeJonge Courtesy Behler-Young

The Behler-Young board of directors announced it elected Dave DeJonge to be president of the company.

DeJonge began his career at Behler-Young (B-Y) as CFO in November 2012 and was responsible for leading the company to consecutive years of profit and performance, and gained a reputation for developing team members. Two years ago, DeJonge was promoted to chief operating officer.

“Dave has continued to move B-Y forward in a way that makes me exceedingly proud and happy. Dave is in an excellent position to lead B-Y through the best days that are yet to come,” said Doug Young, CEO and previous president.

Former Chairman Dick Young also was elected to the position of chairman emeritus, and Doug Young was named chairman of the board in addition to his current CEO position.

Doug Young became president of B-Y in 1992 and CEO in 1998. He will continue to be active at B-Y as a culture supporter with B-Y team members, customers and key vendors. He also will be available to give guidance and history lessons to the leadership team.

Behler-Young represents hundreds of manufacturers and serves thousands of HVAC contractors throughout Michigan and northwest Ohio through two distribution centers and 18 branch facilities.

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